Making the same mistakes

Nov 7, 2010, 11:53 PM |

I've been playing a little while now, and I'm finally beginning to understand the rating system. I'm also realizing that I should get a few books on openings to help me set up my games a little more.

Also, not playing distracted is a good idea...  my wife seems to be my biggest handicap...  but at least I'd rather look at her than the computer screen : )

The biggest anoyances are the people who seem to be quite rude in the game talk. I'd love to meet some of them in person...  but that wouldn't be good for their health.  I usually start out each game by disableing chat...  a shame that people can't be nice these days.

I still loose more than I win, but I do feel like i'm learning... though it is easier to do it when I've studdied, and am awake, and not hungry... 

Anyone recomend any good chess books?