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The world isn't nice...

May 3, 2011, 10:03 PM 0

I wish I could laugh at bad luck...  but I can't:

Getting a second job to make extra money...  but at the dump, their idea of "helping unload" is using a backhoe that TOTALS my truck, and is more damage than I can pay for...  and their insurance denied the claim...  if I could afford a lawyer wouldn't have needed the extra job.

Boss sells the company I work for...  deal closes on X-mass... the work crew and I come in monday, and are turned away with "We'll call you when we have work." We did get paid for x-mass, but then a week off without pay kind of kills that one...

Company tells us we'll get a raise...  then they don't give it to us sighting a phrase they told us the first day "Well we're not going to change anything for a few months..."

I save for 9 months and fix my truck...  then get rearended a month later... and with liability only, their insurance company denied the claim....  see earlier comment about hiring a lawyer.... 

Boss hires some new employees...  brand new they make more money than after my raise... 

Boss comes on a job with us...  we get a $100 tip...  he takes it...  and the free furniture left to the "crew" valued at about $1000....  he does call to offer us a split of the tip...  I might end up with $40... 

At what point do I quit?

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