Why are some people so mean?

Dec 12, 2010, 11:40 PM |

Honestly, I am a martial arts instructor, and I play chess because I like the challenge. I'm really not that great at chess (an attitude that comes from knowing that I could be a lot better if I don't make simple mistakes).

I talk with my students all the time about what it means to have power, and I guess it's just one of my pet peeves when someone comes up with a remark that doesn't get automatically screened out. I had a kid once call me a 'pathetic looser' once when I was doing alright, then got distracted by something at my home, and make a crucial mistake.

Fortunetly my remark back to that person DID get screened out...  I guess I'm not much better when it comes down to it. I've gotten into a habbit of hitting the 'disable chat' button on most games. Though I have to say, after having a stressfull game with someone, where the tide of play has gone both ways a few times during a game, it's cool when you actually get to talk to them after the fact about it, and meet up online for games.

Though I wish that there was an "enable chat" button that showed up so that if you wanted to talk to someone after the game, you could.


Peace to all!