My longest chess game

Feb 3, 2010, 3:19 AM |

Within the my 2nd tourinment on I faced a tough and strong player who beat me up in the first game, so I was determined to do better in the 2nd.

instead, I found my self in the middle of hopless game after a series of bad moves started on move 22 and a terrible blunder on move 26.

the getaway was extreemly difficult, but some how I managed but leaving me with a pawn and a rook against a rook and a bishop.

my pawn was soon down in a close range combat, leaving me with a rook.

after ten moves, the game was going no where, and doing some search on the web, I found out that this endgame will require at least 58 moves if played well, so I offered my opponent a draw, which he rejected (quite agree with him after my poor performance in the midgame).

So, starting move 72 (by which I reached my personal record in long games), I played 50 moves to escape being cornered.... and so it was....