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A day in Chess.com

A day in Chess.com

May 3, 2008, 9:53 PM 0

Well, before I go to bed I want to post on the days adventure in Chess.com land! First thing I noticed was that Chess.com has changed the number of trials in their Tactics Trainer to 3...I wasn't exactly happy with that since that was what attracted me to Chess.com in the first place. Why 3, I don't know but for those of us that liked it but can't afford a membership, that's ridiculous. It's not like the "elite" members have enough priveledges already but they now have more tactics trials than the normal member? Anyways, not happy with that at all and I hope important eyes reads this because I want them to know of my discontent with it. By the way important chess.com figureheads and whatnot...you're still not getting me to pay for a membership! That's why I have ICC...

Anyways, going beyond that I have played a 10 games and have won all of them except 2, which brings my rating almost to a 1600 which is the rating I'm around in reality. So, that is always a good thing to know. Another thing I've realized, some people are actually pretty decent. I always hated to play Yahoo! Chess because you tended to get those buttholes who use programs and insult you while they beat you down the programs...grrr. Plus, the ones that aren't on there to stroke their egos, don't say a word or just advertise their porn sites. It's just refreshing to find those people who are interested in playing chess and talking.

Thirdly, I have finally consistently beaten Chess.com's chess program on hard so i guess that could be considered an improvement. It wasn't hard really, just...it just played way out in left field for my type of playing. (shrugs)

I wonder how good you have to be to actually train ppl as a part-time job? That would be something i would definately be interested in but i feel as if I'm not good enough to do that quite yet. Who knows. If anyone has any idea, pls let me know. i enjoy teaching others. I taught chess at an elementary school as an after school program. That was an awesome experience. I also have experience as a private lessons teacher in french horn. That was a less than stellar experience due to the fact that hardly anyone showed up and less than that actually practiced.

Well, now that I've blogged officially, I can finally go to bed. Hope everyone has a great time and take care.




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