Why Good Chess Players Make Good Employees
This article is for parents and youths

Why Good Chess Players Make Good Employees

Feb 6, 2018, 1:37 AM |

Why Quality Chess Players are Employable

There is the old joke that says "What is the difference between a chess Grandmaster and a pizza?". The answer is that "A pizza can feed a family of four". Not exactly a ringing endorsement to
employ a brilliant chess mind that can't afford the price of a pizza.

With a lot of standard interviews being personality and attitude based, I can explain why good chess players have the soft skills to succeed in the workforce. I guess you also have to have the academic credentials which any good chess player can get.

Chess helps exercise both parts of the brain. With all the left and right side psychological differences, it is good that chess improves both halves. However, when you cross the line and get obsessed
with chess and it is basically your entire life. FIDE (the official chess organization) has a list of how much chess players make with over the board play. This is an indication was top top pros make.  So being good, not great is where most good employees should be.

Chess also increases a player's creativity. Many of the arts allow this but the brilliant part of chess is that it's an art and science.

Chess also improves memory. There is the age old adage that seniors have to exercise their brains to keep sharp. This can be done through chess, crosswords and Sudoko.  Remembering what you did when that work force accident happened can help with any legal case.

For any parent reading this who thinks chess would benefit their kids I have three things. The first is Grandmaster Simon Williams has vidoes on Youtube. He is fun, great at chess and likes anyone who subcribes to his channel. I have to warn you say he is competitive so be warned about his language. The second would be anyone in the Durham Region Ontario can visit www.ajaxchessclub.com.  The third is you can email me personally at dbendl@hotmail.com as I can give lessons in the Toronto region.  Thanks for reading my article. Good luck in your games.