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Road to GM: Week 1 "Getting started"

Road to GM: Week 1 "Getting started"

Apr 22, 2016, 6:04 PM 0


Today will be the first official day of my journey on becoming a chess Grandmaster. Being a GM one day sounds crazy and nearly impossible, but I will prove to everyone that It can be done. I will be spending the upcoming weeks "training" and sharing my progress. When you are facing a big project, like this one, you can't expect it to be done by tomorrow. That's why I'll have weekly goals that I will try to meet. First, I have to asses my overall chess strength and figure out a plan of action from there.

My current rapid rating is 1469, my blitz rating is 1107 and my rating on Tactic Trainer is 1606. I've been playing chess since August, 2015 (about 9 months ago). With that information, I don't think that I'm a beginner. I feel like it's safe to say that I'm more of an intermediate player. Which means that I should study more openings, more middle/endgames positions, and I should start solving more complex tactics. Fortunately for me, Chess.com has a LOT of lessons and tactic puzzles that I can study. I'll start there. 

I will post again on the first day of week 2, and I will share what I've learned in the previous week. Hopefully, I've met my goals by then.

My goals for week 1:

  • Get rapid rating to 1550
  • Reach 1700 on Tactics Trainer
  • Get blitz rating to 1200


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