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Road to GM: Week 2 "Step by step"

Road to GM: Week 2 "Step by step"

Apr 30, 2016, 4:05 AM 0
Today begins the second week of my journey of becoming a Grandmaster. It's a long, treacherous road with crocodile goons and lobster mobsters but it's one well paved. Last week I discussed my chess status and a plan of action that i needed to follow. Over the first week, i've played many interesting blitz and rapid games involving openings that i've never played before. These openings include: Slav defense, Sicilian, English, French defense, and the Caro Kann. I've lost many, so many games using these new openings. It's okay though, experience leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to growth. I've even made a little equation to further explain this phenomenon.  
Chess opening knowledge (COK) = Strong chess play (SCP) 

If any chess mathematician want to give me a nobel peace prize for the best equation of 2016, i must humbly decline the offer because i only do this for the better good of the chess community and no gold amulet could ever match my engenius selfless duties for this ever expanding chess nation we call home. You're welcome. 
Anyways, I'll show a rapid game that i played couple of days ago using the slav defense. I really enjoy this opening and it's my new "Go to" whenever i face the queens gambit.
Wow, wasn't that just a beauty. Now let's check out a game i didn't do so well in. This game was the first game i played using the French defense. 
 I actually really liked playing the french because the games can get really exciting with big fighting chances for both sides.  I think it's good to have different responses to 1.) E4 because it adds flavor to your life. You shouldn't expect to win your games by using openings that you are not familiar with but don't let that stop you from playing the best you can. I've found that playing as solid and logical as possible helps you in almost all situations. It's a good idea to think about what your opponent's best moves are as well as your own and you should always think about your opponent's response to your moves. That way you can avoid making elementary blunders.  
This week my rating has plummeted. I was in high 1400's but now i'm in the high 1300's. I think this is normal and there's no need to worry too much about it. You will find that you'll have peaks and fall downs throughout your chess journey. I remember when i was rated 900 (standard) on chess.com and i fell all the way down to 750. I felt horrible, but after studying some basic opening principles and avoiding the pesky scholar's mate, i've found myself gradually rising up through the ratings. If i would've stopped at 750, i would've never become as "strong" of a chess player i am today. I hope that inspires people who's under 1300 to keep improving on their game.
Sadly, i didn't meet my goals for the week. Perhaps i overestimated how much you can improve in just 1 week. I'll set smaller, more achievable goals this time.  
 Goals for week 2: 
  • Reach 1400 in rapid and maintain in the 1400's
  • Study 5 chess.com lessons a day 
  • spend 10 mins a day on tactic trainer 
  • Study games of Grandmasters and try to predict/understand the moves that are played. Also the moves that are not played. 

I'll post again on the first day of Week 3 and i will share what i learned in the previous week. Hopefully i've met my goals by then.


Take care. 


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