My First Rapid Tournament Results

My First Rapid Tournament Results

Nov 30, 2009, 7:31 AM |

So last saturday I played my first chess tournament again in 25 years. Actually, it was also the first time I played a real (live) game of chess again in over 6 years. I got so used to playing online and against computers that I was very glad to be able to play a full day of real chess against real opponents.

The tournament was held in Asten, a small town in the south of Holland. I played in the C category, for players with a rating up to 1600. Rapid chess, so 20 minutes per person per game. There were 22 players in the C category.

I lost the first game simply because I made a stupid mistake. I was trying to play fast to save time for the end game, too fast and I got myself in an awkward position that cost me the game. I believe that I wasn't outclassed in any way though so I had good hopes for the second game.

The second game was a bit unnerving. My opponent played with white and attacked from the 4th move and relentlessly pounded away. Normally I wouldn't care less but he just played very solid and made no mistakes so I lost that one.

The third and fourth game were not hard. I did my thing and won them easily. So I won 2 out of 4 and was feeling quite happy.

The fifth game was against an opponent who had a rating of 1580 so I was kinda nervous to start with, this guy was top C category, maybe should've been in B category. But I did my thing, and he made a miscalculation early in the game and I had no trouble finishing him, he resigned after about 15 moves.

Game six was not good, my opponent played a solid game of chess, we made it all the way to the end game, I resigned with only 2 minutes left on the clock, he beat me fair and square, wasn't much I could do about it.

But I was determined to win the last game and go home with 4 out of 7. But I made a stupid mistake, just not paying attention to the entire board and while he was attacking me on the King's side I didn't pay attention to the Queen's side of the board and suddenly he checked me from there with his Queen. A move I totally hadn't seen coming!!! So I resigned. He asked me: "Why?" I replied: "Cuz you'll checkmate me in 4." He was flabbergasted so I explained it to him and of course he agreed. I saw it before he did. I wasn't paying enough attention so I lost and I should've won, I believe I was the better player. That one sucked!

So I left with 3 points out of 7. Not bad for a first tournament. Next tournament is in January. I want to win at least 50% of my games there. And try to make not as many mistakes as I did this time.