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The Me You See

The Me You See

May 21, 2009, 10:46 AM 4

I am a Lord and the Lady follower. I chose to believe in all the teachings of the Lord and the Lady because I believe that Pagans lke myself worship Jesus and the Virgn Mary more than christians do! What I am and who I am is what I treasure most in life. I believe someday I will find a true heart with pureness that is destined for me as always say ''a pure heart is the one I will love with my pure heart''. I love to help people I give advice about many things love, life, sadness, and more. I have a theory about love, see if you truely love someone but they love another you must let go but stay in love in case they need you and one day they will realize you were their true love...it's just a theory. True love is a wonderful thing but the only way to experience it is to feel as if you'd die for someone, your heart soars when they look at you , and they complete you in ways no one else could. I treasure everyones soul; they are what makes me fill with joy. To me everyone has a true beauty whether its inside or out they all have a uniqueness that shines in them. I would say there is no one on this planet that in normal or plain. I think everything has a purpose in life sometimes things are bad like my grandma died 2 years ago of something I don't even know and I believe it has a purpose instead of grieving over deaths i look at it as a new beginning. Everything and everyone is special I believe everyone can understand what I see and now you know the real me.
Here is a poem that I wrote and it explains about what I feel:



Someone Very Special
Storm Midnight

Everyone wants someone very special
But who you want
Doesn't even know that you exist
People don't know getting what you want
Is easier than it seems
I have that someone very special
And he's the best guy in the world

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