Defense against a King's Gambit

What is the best defense against a King's Gambit?

Is it true that this defense was refuted by Bobby Fischer?

Based on my experience, I always find it difficult to defend as black against this one. As White, I do not know how to proceed after the black takes the pawn.

This defense is not popular, so i'm planning to master this one (as white) so that it will "surprise" my opponent.

Please help. Thanks.


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    Thanks SummerStorm.

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    I've tried several for Black in skittles. I don't play 1. e4 e5 as Black in tournaments. But, I like to try a little of everything chess has to offer and this is a really challenging one. Good luck on your 'trip'. There's a new book on the KG by GM Shaw. He's supposed to have spent over a decade on it -- a real work of love. Check into it.

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