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Lessons from NM Bruce Pandolfini

Lessons from NM Bruce Pandolfini

Nov 26, 2013, 8:39 PM 0

I remember during my high school days (about 20 years ago. hehe) that my brother borrowed a book by NM Pandolfini. Back then, books are expensive and computers are inexistent in our world. I forgot the title but it shows  different tactics and patterns in chess. As a novice player, the book greatly improved my chess performance.

I just read NM Pandolfini's puzzles here at chess.com and I remembered his books and some of the tactics.

To honor (I hope this is an honor to him, eventhough my ratings are still low) the person who greatly improved my chess, I will quote from memory the tactics I've learned from him using my last game.

I hope I got the name of the tactics/patterns right.

NM Pandolfini, Thank you. (and thank you for the picture from your profile - you still looks the same)


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