Saragossa 1.c3!? theory

Apr 6, 2008, 4:40 AM |

In this blog I am going to look the saragossa opening and some theory based around it.

Well first of all you will notice that you have not taken much control of the center but just like the KID you only want to control your area and slowly chip at there over extended center.

Keep within yourself this is not an attacking opening only attack when you are ready and the timing is right, this opening is great against attacking nuts so don't give them anything just play for a solid position nothing fancy.

keep in mind that transposition will be your best friend here if you have a shot transpose into something that you know infact quite often against stronger opponants I have transposed into the ponziani or a kind of reversed slav (if you get what I mean)

Studying 1.d4 openings (specially the slav) will aid you greatly because of transposition.

A careful eye on your F1 bishop and G1 knight will come in handy because these pieces are often lead unnattended this can prove decisive in some games (Fianchettoing your light squared bishop works well but watch out for a closed center they have a tendancy of staying closed in the saragossa).

Caro-kann theory carries over quite effectively because of the closed position the tempo won't really matter (although I have seen the tempo used quite effectively Ill go more over that later though).

Later on I will be making blogs on opening variations I just hope i can keep interest up thanks all I'll be back soon.