Saragossa exchange variation

May 20, 2008, 4:15 AM |

The sarsgossa exchange variation starts off with 1.c3 e4 2.d4 exd4... in this variation white plays 3.cxd4

this opening variation tends to give a slight advantage to white because he has the two remaining central pawns and more open lines for his queen also his previously hampered queenside knight has had the c3 square conveniantly vaccated.



another try if you are an attacker might be 3.Nf3!? settin up a sort of morra position after 3...dxc3 4.Nxc3 you are a pawn down but have good counter attacking chances.

As I have limited database resources I will be trying to compile my own but it's not easy so if you can please start a game with me unrated and I'll play the saragossa.