Street Puzzle (Bacolod City, Philippines)

Street Puzzle (Bacolod City, Philippines)

Oct 8, 2013, 9:15 PM |

I saw this yesterday in the street of Bacolod City.

It says...

Mate in 2.

You should bet at least P 100.00 to play the game and mate black in two moves only.

White to move.

Touch move.

Be Sports. No hurt feelings.

If, however, you think that black cannot be mated in 2 moves, you will be the one defending as black  with the minimum bet of P 200.00


I saw the one who makes this puzzle wins P 300.00 pesos in 5 minutes that I watched.

I do not know the solution of this puzzle.

Some says that this (betting) is illegal in the Philippines.

Hope you will try street puzzles in Bacolod City when you will come here for the Masskara Festival 2013 this October 19, 2013.