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On the matter of rating

May 3, 2012, 12:25 PM 2

Too many people judge you on rating.I know a person who's rating is 650 but is as good a chess  player who is a thousand.My rating is 700 but I beat  somebody who's rating is 1000.Because some ones rating is 700 does not mean their a bad chess player now if your rating is 2000 then your a good chess player if your rating is 200 then your bad chess player but if your somewhere in between then you are intermediate no matter what.When you begin chess.com you rating is 1000 if you lose your first game then 800 and if you lose your second game then it is 700.It is nearly impossible to get you rating back in a two or even three weeks  back to a 1000.Every time you win a game your rating goes up 5 to 15 points.It takes a long time to get it up.People on chess.come are way too judge mental they will get mad at you for blogging or forums debates and you are should not be doing it all.I have to say is don't jugde a book by its cover.

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