Its there if you want to look

Mar 12, 2008, 2:33 PM |

The nevermind fill all spaces,whatever takes its place,

And i dont care stands bold, you choose, its only fate,


come off the clock, let time lie quiet, in a hole dug for his love

shaped like the face of death, captured in a moments notice


i bet she flew too fast for the rabits eye to see

the mind never crossed my thought, that it would be left behind


in a box on a street named after me, in a life that drowned in existance

by a go sign in a pay way, and care is only heard after i don't


and she sees him lying there alone, pulls the breaks but the car says no

and the air up there takes grasp of her hair, and the ground claimes her body


the tears come very easily for those who will never see

that life was lived and life wa died, thats how the story goes


how come it was her, not you or me, or them there lying in jail

a life in love with dying should go before the rest


but a life not afraid to die, in the hands of those who speak so fair

was it there will that led her thair...

or just the sad eyes of a rabbit, blinded to the wrath of the world and knowin that, in the end, everyone's veins run with the same shade of red