Mar 13, 2008, 1:11 PM |

so open your eyes, ill let you see

the lights on, no ones listening

forever in a nutshell

your cast-iron words

tame the savage beast...perhaps


take heed to the loosing life

re-grow it from the blood and ashes

dont worry, it hurts, it hurts alot

and it will save you if you are lost enough....perhaps


neverlast as a small afterthought

to a different purpose on a purposeless day

i think i thought i sang my song

well enough to get my ass out of that one...perhaps


one two three....

hold your nose, fall head over heels and hit the bottom

rise, take arms, march on, then fall on your face

then get back up....perhaps


loosing fait in god and zen

loosing faith in myself

my lost, so find

what works to open your eyes

what works to evade your love

that works to open your mind.... perhapse


i guess they like me better when im drunk... oh well

i might muster up enough give-a-damn to care some time



but they also tell me ive been spewing gold from my mouth for years

they dont understand,,, i had to talk, to save my life

but i guess cheating death with simple words is another mans poetry...perhaps