A surprising victory!

Apr 8, 2009, 12:31 PM |

I make a series of blunders in the beginning of this game, but manage to win with a little aggression (and luck)!  This game was played with 7-minute clocks.



The interesting thing to me here is that though I'm down in material, my pieces are in a much simpler configuration.  It's easy to keep track of what's guarding what and what's attacking what.  But white's pieces are hugely entangled, with pinned pieces, forks just waiting to happen, and invisible key squares that need to be defended (sometimes several times over!).  By the end we were down to about 3 minutes on our clocks, so it was a pretty frantic 4-minute game you see there.  Really fun!

Edit: Oh, I see why he takes c5 - to prevent the my capture of d4, winning his knight.  I was thinking of that during the game and forgot about it for this analysis.  In fact, that's probably why I left the rook hanging.