Don't resign; make it complicated!

Apr 16, 2009, 8:29 PM |

This is a game on a 5|3 clock full of blunders.  I make the first bad one, losing a knight.  

Instead of resigning, my strategy is to set up a complicated set of dependencies and hope for mistakes from my opponent.  On a short clock, a situation just has to look convincing or be hard to calculate to gain some advantage from it.  In this game, I'm already down a knight and consider myself in a definitively losing position, so I don't mind risking more material to try to evoke a mistake from my opponent - and it works!  I go from a lost position to a winning one.


Unfortunately, I make a series of mistakes and lose my winning position - but the point stands!



Does anyone out there have other strategies for trying to win a lost game?