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The Buffchix Rap Compendium: Volume 2 (The "Too Hot for Chess.com Rap")

The Buffchix Rap Compendium: Volume 2 (The "Too Hot for Chess.com Rap")

Dec 31, 2017, 1:25 PM 0

Editor's Note: I went to edit my profile with a newer version of this same verse. However, it told me "That is not allowed". JERE it is, ladies and freddiegentlemen, the UNCUT verbiage!


What's up, dummy? Looks like you're readin' my profile while you run from me. Nyahh, you sure get buttmad when I go BUFF BUNNY! Buffchix could get all the honeys and score ^diabolical^ rating points, heavens to murgatroyd, now why don't you fall back like a La-Z-Boy. You lost on time to the hot sauce devil and now you wanna whine but get it right, I'm a time playa rhyme-sayer. Don't make me grab your queen and Buffmate her. I inject chess with vats of hot sauce poured on you time wasters, mack yo mom off, you can't take this trashtalk but they'll never ban my account (..a second time, jaja) because chess.com SAWFT. You couldn't survive even with a bonus king because my knight moves better than Seger, fork you like a boneless wing. Buffchix is Happenin', like RP, no you can't buy my CD you ornery pigs, but this Buffchix rap is free. It's Buffchix or die hard, I'm RJBuffchixican and I spice up the chat window because I'm a loony toons tryhard. I only play 1 minute 0 seconds which causes you to fume with anal angerment and if you click rematch doc, we can Make Chess JAJAJA again.

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