God's Wish

Sep 25, 2015, 7:02 PM |

This is the poem I submitted as an entry in a contest.  Pleae read through...

I’m sure I’ve not created you 
I’m not sure why you created me

If I represent peace and all that’s good 
I wonder why all violence happens in my name

Some of you gave me names, shapes and shelters 
The others call me names, shapeless and destroy those shelters

If you flourish, it’s your hard work 
If you perish, how the hell I'm at fault?

If I’m the universe and all entities, 
Why I wish you sacrifice my other creations – in my name?

In my name you waged wars, ravaged cities and societies, 
You Savage! You’ve ruined civilisation evolved over eons.

Preaching on my behalf, 
You practised all that’s not what I am.
Only thing you are an expert in – was classification! 

Hell, you split even me, the GOD into many and classified.
Should I be happy for this? 
Should I be proud of you – my supposed creation?

Your worship is hypocrisy, but your existence is real 
My benevolence is authentic, yet my existence is surreal.

How I wish… 
You’ve not evolved 
Remained the same being with some humanity 
You’ve not progressed 
by Destroying the nature, 
Eliminating some creatures. 
Finally, killing your own kind, 
With guns, gases and nukes.

Puke!!! You’re better with a stone club in your hand 
May be I’m wrong. You remain the same, only the club gone for a gun.
You’ve me to pray and confess. 
For all my problems, whom I shall address?

How I wish I really had that power, I’d have vanished forever. 
In my anguish, I cry… To hell with being GOD, let me die!!!

Poem ends.
How is it?
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