Gold Coast Open U1600 Day 2

Jul 10, 2016, 7:03 PM |

Day 2:

Round 5:

I was a bit disappointed since I felt the sacrifice could have been held off, but I missed a few chances after getting into the worser endgame after white won the exchange back.

Round 6:

Was enjoyable playing against a friend again and I felt my play was pretty consistent in that game.

Round 7:

It seems I played decently for most of the game, but missing the important pawn break of a5 as well as releasing tension too early when I shouldn't have such as when I played 20.dxe5 and 27.exd5 made me lose quite a bit of my advantage.



So after the 7 rounds of play, I managed to score 4/7 which is made up of 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. This score wasn't the greatest as this was against players rated quite a bit lower than me. I need to work on playing more consistently and maintaining my advantage when I am ahead. I was also spending too much time on pretty obvious moves and did move pretty quickly at times when the position was more complicated. I would like to thank Andrew FitzPatrick and Justine Jule for organising the tournament of 141 participatants. Also I would like to thank the arbiters Michael Darcy and Shaun Curtis for doing a great job at arbitering. It was 141 participants this year and this was an increase of 1 participant from last year so thank you everyone who participated and maybe I'll see you again in another tournament!


Thanking for reading day 2 of my Gold Coast U1600 experience and I hoped your enjoyed it, if you have any questions, corrections or comments feel free to comment.