King's Pawn: What to do?

Jul 6, 2009, 3:42 PM |

     I have almost always played my best matches using the King's Pawn Opening.  I have used it to conqueror my fellow school peers, and to create a diversion for some Members. 

The whole opening starts and ends with e4.  Now the trick with the King's Pawn is what does your opponet do.  Many use e5,c5,f5, knight c6, knight f6 (for those who don't really have a clue).  For e5, you can transit to Ruy Lopez using knight f3. Or French Defense d4. 

c5 you can do knight f3 again ( for sicicilian defense). And for knf6, move your pond foward if you want ( I don't perfer it). 

Try using these openings in your next unrated game!!!