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Good gambit

Good gambit

Mar 15, 2013, 9:33 PM 0

In this game I will show you how my gambit worked do to some part incompetence of the chess player [black]. The game starts out with a normal d4, planning on doing the queen’s gambit when black does Nf6 to ruin my day. I take advantage of the moment doing c4 to get control of the board.  He attacks me with a d6.I respond with Qf3 to build defense. He follows with Qc6, I build more control with e3.He makes big mistake with Qd7 taking out the queen to early I think he did this on lack of experience. I mess up with Bd3 wanting to do a queen raid he moves e5 to attack my pawns. I get defense and 0-0 castle with my king. Qe7 to prep or queen raid bad idea, Bc2 to reconsider my queen raid Nq4 to attack my king and rook. Bd3 I justify my decision to queen raid by thinking he’s rely stupid he objects with e4. I decide to gambit, the fun part, by doing Bxe4 queen responds with hast by Qxe4. I attack the knight with h3 other black giggles at my bluff with Nb4 and tries to run his agenda. I crap on black with hxg4 taking out his knight a blood bath insures Bxg4 , try to avoid them they end badly. I threaten the queen Nc3 this is where the players lack of experience shows. Nc2 he thinks a rook is better than a queen huh I take out the queen Nxe4. He takes out my rook Nxa1, I check him to scare him Qa4+ he responds Bd7 game ends by black’s resignation. Even through black lost his queen he could have coordinated his other pieces against me but like I said he had a lack of experience. The moral of the lesson is gambits pay off sure I lost a bishop and a rook, but I gained a huge advantage which scared black into resignation.  

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