Bail Bondsman in Michigan

Sep 16, 2012, 7:48 PM |

Bail Bondsman in Michigan is a site set up to provide a no hassle, expedient access to a bail bondsman. When arrested and faced with the prospect of spending time in jail, time is at a premium. No one wants to spend more time then absolutely necessary in jail.

When a person is arrested on suspicion of a crime, he or she will be taken by law enforcement agents to jail. While waiting for the case to be tried in the court of law, the suspect will be held in jail unless he or she chooses to bail out.

So what exactly are bail bonds and how do they work? Bail bonds are surety bonds which are used to guarantee the appearance of the suspect in court. By its definition, bail is a financial arrangement that a bail bonding agency makes on behalf of the suspect.

The agency’s bail bondsman acts for the defendant and arranges with the court to have its client released from jail while waiting for the trial.  In exchange for its services the agency charges a fee. The bond amount is guaranteed by collateral (tangible assets) put up by either the client or his/her co-signer. The court sets the monetary value of the bail.