4th indian to became GM,GREAT MOMENTS

Dec 10, 2017, 2:32 AM |

After a just a day of Vidit gujrathi’s success

who became the 4 th Indian to cross 2700 in the FIDE elo list.

There we have one more superior news from the state of

Maharashtra. ABHIMANYU PURANIK from pune engraved his

name as the 49 th chess grandmaster of our versatile nation

INDIA. This 17 year old teen made his final GM norm with a

round to spare at the Abu Dhabi Masters 2017 and also

crossed 2500 Elo. The grandmaster of chess are raining in

India and we are just one away from reaching 50 th GM’s


These star is born on 11 th Feb 2000 and has

completed 17 years,6 months and 11 days on earth. Within

less span of time he has achieved the most coveted title in the

chess world. The chess hero from pune won laurels at a very

young age.


Although Abhimanyu played many interesting

games in the tournament, we think his fourth round win

against Gu Xiaobing is perhaps the most representative of

his style of play. Pieces are just randomly scattered all

over the board, and the young Indian is able to find his way

in the complex position. That's Abhimanyu's true strength

Puranik made his maiden GM norm at the Zalakaros Open

in Hungary in 2016, the second one at the same

tournament in 2017 and the third one at the Abu Dhabi

Open 2017. Abhimanyu joins the group of players Aravindh

Chithambaram and Karthikeyan Murali as the young

grandmasters who will make it big in the years to come. In

fact Aravindh and Karthikeyan are born in 1999 and

Abhimanyu in 2000. He is not the youngest GM in India at

this very moment because of Aryan Chopra who is born in


Down the memory lane:

Abhimanyu started playing chess when he was only five

and a half years old, and had been passionate about the

game right from the start. He was a student of Symbiosis

primary school and also liked playing football. He started

receiving coaching from International Master

Chandrashekhar Gokhale. Chandrashekhar emphasized

physical exercises for Abhimanyu to develop stamina to sit

through four to six hours of play without losing

concentration. The boy achieved international rating at the

age of 8 years.

Abhimanyu’s style of play caught the eye of Raghunandan

Gokhale, eminent coach and winner of the ‘Dronacharya

Award’, at a workshop arranged by Chandrashekhar

Gokhale for his students. He appealed to Abhimanyu’s

parents to send him to Greece. Samir and Sneha Puranik,

Abhimanyu's parents, put up their own funds and endured

visa hassles to accomplish their task and Abhimanyu


justified everyone's faith in him by besting powerful

players and winning the gold at the World School Chess

Championship-2007 in under-7 section by scoring 9.0/9!

The World Chess Organization offered him the title

'Candidate Master' after he won the bronze medal at the

World Youth under-10 in 2010.

Abhimanyu became an IM in 2015 after he scored three IM

norms and crossed the rating barrier of 2400. His first IM

norm came at the age of just 12 years when he put up a

creditable performance at the Prague Open in 2012. He had

to wait for nearly three years for his next two norms but he

achieved them in a hurry at the Mumbai and Kolkata Open

in 2015. 

The wait of three years for achieving the next two norms

for the IM title were not in vain. Abhimanyu's level had

already reached the next stage and he immediately scored

his first GM norm at the Zalakaros Open in 2016 in


Abhimanyu kept gaining rating points and made his

second and third norms in Zalakaros 2017 and Abu Dhabi

2017 to become India's 49th grandmaster!

For many, winning the GM title signals the biggest

achievement in their chess careers. For talents like

Abhimanyu Puranik, this is just a stepping stone in the

direction of becoming a world class player. We wish him

all the best in his journey of reaching the next level - the

2600 mark!