OTB BO3 lost with white against 1850

Aug 17, 2010, 4:26 AM |

I hate players like this ...

I was deciding what happened in the game from the beginning , played good and didn't make mistakes. After 3 hours I offered a draw and he refused , after having taken a look at my clock , with a smile on his face. He said : "I will continue for a while ".

I thought : why don't you accept the fact that I am as good as you or better in this game and why don't you just accept the offer so we can go home early ... 

Some more thoughts came into my mind like hitting his nose with one of the captured pieces , chess can be a violent game :-)

It was obvious that he hoped I would make bad moves forced by the coming time pressure ... no , this is no chess ... but on the other hand ... would I accept a draw offer if I were in his shoes ... probably not ! I can't blame that man for not accepting the draw offer , a game must be played  I guess ...

Anyway ... i lost the game because I was getting tired , a bit angry and in time trouble ( makes me feel better if I believe that Smile )

Next round , this evening , I will not play ... I need some sleep Cool

remark : I noticed i have made a mistake ... it is rokadus versus 1850 , i play the white pieces ..