yes !!! I won against a 1900 level player ...

Feb 7, 2010, 4:12 PM |



Wesley commented on my previous post "But I think you should look at it on the bright side. That's how I evaluate my matches. You were in fact the better player, but you lost because of 1 thing you missed. BUT: you are able to play on this level, so you can do it as well in an other match. Your skills are 'forever'. But the mistake was a 'one-time-thing' that you probably learnt from. So next match it won't happen again and so simply win the match."

and guess what Smile he was right !!! 

Today i destroyed a 1900 level player in my best OTB game ever , is this my turning point ? Is it all coming together ? Did my opponent have a bad day ? Who knows ... but I know I did it and I feel I can do it again !

This is the game .. I played white ...