Oct 22, 2009, 5:53 AM |
The Astroshamanic Healing Grid, and the PTU, at Findhorn and elsewhere...

“This planet, as we humanly perceive it, is paralleled by other planets and multidimensional realms. Our current human perception is heavily conditioned by beliefs based on separation, which prevent public and ordinary awareness of parallel worlds and universes. Yet this planet per se is as multidimensional and united as anywhere else. The questions here are: are you aware of this? Do you intend to move beyond the perception of a separated world? Are you open to expand your perception and also take decisive steps to do so? And finally, yet not ultimately, what may happen to you and the world if you did?” (Franco Santoro, Provisional Territorial Units: Duodecimal Tables of Astroshamanic Geography, Book One)

Soon at the Findhorn Foundation we are going to start the workshop Being with the Spirit of Cluny Garden (7-14 November 2009, and also 17-23 April 2010), see: troshamanism?sid=272892504eeb5c739891815e4cb3a0f7&ref=s#/note.php?note_id=163793768328&ref=mf and The Blessed Way of Passion (28 November 2009 - 5 December 2009) see: ogrammes/programme347.php, both providing different ways of working with the "Astroshamanic Healing Grid".