Solar Eclipse July 21

Solar Eclipse July 21

Jul 4, 2009, 2:20 PM |

  Solar Eclipse July 21, 2009 10.34 pm EDT Washington, DC

Cancer New Moon -- Solar Eclipse July 21 

As we look ahead to a new eclipse cycle with the arrival of the New Moon in Cancer, recent world events are still expressing the energy found in the previous lunations in Taurus and Gemini.  In June, world attention shifted to Iran's contested election and ensuing protests which have only died down in the past week after a violent government clampdown.  This was a possible manifestation of the Rahu aspect to the Taurus New Moon in the 12th house which I suggested in the June newsletter might produce "uncontrolled actions" from leaders involving an element of "secrecy".  At the time, I was thinking this might pertain more to the perennial North Korean bad boy Kim Jong-Il, but it certainly could reflect the rigging of the June election by the Iranian government under President Ahmadinejad.   I could have emphasized the deceptive character of Rahu a little more in the previous forecast since it might have better captured the essence of the Iranian election and its aftermath

Since the beginning of the Gemini New Moon on June 22, we can see that the Venus-Mars-Saturn configuration may have been cosmically implicated in the death of singer Michael Jackson on June 25.  Last month, I wondered if it would mean difficult situations for women and art, and while MJ was a male, one can speculate whether the feminine planet Venus was a better symbol of who he was.  His sexuality was a matter of continuous debate as he was forced to make a series of out of court settlements with the families of young boys who accused him of sexual abuse.  The Saturn influence on the sexual male-female unity of Venus-Mars conjunction is an appropriate pattern to describe the end or loss of a person who seemingly combined the aesthetic and softer contours of the feminine with the physical vigour of Mars as seen through his celebrated dance moves and vital performing energy.  And since Saturn also represents marginality and deviance from the norm, the Saturn impact on Venus-Mars is yet another possible linkage to Michael Jackson.

Since we will have three more weeks to go for the Gemini New Moon, that Venus-Mars-Saturn energy is still very much in play so we may look forward to other manifestations of this unusual combination of art, sex, physical prowess, and distortion or loss.  Also, the Pluto opposition to the Sun-Moon conjunction in the 9th house of law and foreign travel (from the perspective of the USA) may also find expression in different areas.  The ongoing concerns over Iran are a reasonable representation of the "crude exertions of power" that I remarked upon in the previous newsletter.  Note that the crackdown on Iranian protesters largely occurred after the Gemini New Moon on June 22, and that is a better fit with the Sun-Moon-Pluto energy.  The previous New Moon was more closely associated with the vote rigging itself, the 'uncontrolled actions of leaders' and the subsequent protests.  The Sotomajor nomination of US Supreme Court remains an open question as she not yet to be confirmed.  This planetary pattern suggests more obstacles for her -- that is aside from the one where she recently broke her ankle.

On July 21, there is a total Solar Eclipse at 5 degrees of sidereal Cancer in Pushya.  This eclipse occurs in the 6th house for Washington, DC symbolic of health matters and service.  It is perhaps not coincidental that the Obama administration's planned reform of health care is likely to be front and centre around this time.   As an added dimension of plausible astrological significance, the nakshatra of Pushya refers to "nourishing" and health improvement activities.  Since eclipses often mean change or interruption of the status quo, we can see how the long-awaited reforms to the unwieldy American health care system may finally come to pass.    At the same time, this eclipse features a fairly troubling square aspect between Venus (women, art, money) and Saturn (limits, loss, responsibility).  Moreover, this occurs near the angles in the DC chart with Saturn sitting on the 7th cusp.  At a general level, this would seem to be a difficult indication for the US economy since Venus is connected with money and prosperity.  Venus also represents relationships so it is possible that the US may experience some turbulence with its traditional allies, perhaps over trade issues.   Venus rules the 4th house (Taurus) and its wide conjunction with Mars will likely mean more setbacks in the housing sector.  The close Mercury-Mars 3rd house aspect may bring issues of transportation and computing into focus, some negative and some positive.    We will revisit some of these ideas in the next newsletter.

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

The death of pop superstar Michael Jackson yesterday has sparked an overwhelming outpouring of grief and remembrance around the world.  Although more recently known for his bizarre behaviour and various legal and financial troubles, his millions of fans paid tribute to the man and his music and the indelible mark he left on the entertainment industry.   There are several widely divergent birth times floating around for Michael Jackson, some from apparently reliable sources.  And yet unless and until some one sees the birth certificate, his true horoscope will likely remain an open question.  Of all the birth times in common usage for MJ, I think the 7.30 p.m. chart offers a plausible window onto the nature of the man and his life events.   This is the birth time that Michael Jackson himself provided to an astrologer colleague several years ago when he went in search of a Vedic chart reading.  What follows is a brief astrological sketch based on that tentative birth time.
MJ was born on the day of a Full Moon, an appropriate placement for such a famous person.  Bright Full Moons are considered very auspicious in Vedic astrology because like the Moon, the person becomes visible and easily noticed.  People with the Moon in the first house are often playful, refined, and energetic.  However, these natives can also be changeable and eccentric just as the Moon is prone to quickly change its shape and appearance. Moreover, this chart has the Moon rising in sidereal Aquarius, which underlines his great fame since the first house is the most important in the whole chart.  Fame and success were also indicated by the placement of Saturn on the MC in the 10th house.  As ruler of Aquarius and the first house, Saturn placed in the 10th house confers high profile and career success. As an additional boost for success, the 10th lord Mars closely aspects this Saturn in the 10th house.  We can also see that Mars was doubly powerful here because it was in its own sign of Aries. It is noteworthy that his Saturn dasha began 1972 when he started to achieve success in his musical career with the Jackson 5 and it lasted into 1991 when he had reached the apogee of his fame with his best-selling albums, Thriller and Bad.  While Saturn often gets a bad rap since it is a natural malefic, it's clear that Michael Jackson's Saturn was a key ingredient to his success due to 1) its rulership of the 1st house; 2)  its placement in the 10th; 3) the strength of its dispositor Mars; and 4) the absence of any afflicting aspects.
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Iranian Election Protests

Mass protests and rioting broke out in the aftermath of a contested election result that saw victory declared by incumbent hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the moderate challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi.  In an unprecedented move to mollify opposition protesters, Iran's religious leadership under Ayatollah Khameini has agreed to a partial recount of the results.  Just where these protests may lead remains unknown, as a new generation of young Iranians try to seize the this opportunity to bring their country into the 21st century. 

The astrological indications for this uprising is quite clearly seen in the horoscope of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it was declared on April 1, 1979 at 3 p.m.  The dashas provide the first hint of trouble as the chart began running Rahu-Moon in March 2009.  Rahu is conjoined with malefic Saturn in the 2nd house in Leo suggesting uncertainty or trouble surrounding the speech and communication which are 2nd house indications as well as possible economic losses.  One doesn't want to put too much emphasis on dasha lords which have a long term background influence (Rahu runs from 1993 to 2011) but it's interesting how Iran's economy has suffered in recent years and the current economic slowdown is not helping matters any.  Also more of its citizens are becoming aware of the gap between the official government line and the everyday reality in the street so this is another possible manifestation of an afflicted 2nd house.

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Auspicious Dates

The underlying assumption of astrology is that the position of the planets at birth is a discernible pattern against which future developments can be read.  This principle may also apply to the start of new projects, new companies, new relationships, and new ideas.  However, the selection of auspicious dates to begin a new endeavour is rarely straightfoward since the time of day will determine the position of the angles, and hence the orientation of houses.  These are at least as important as the geometric patterns between the planets themselves and hence, apparently "good" astrological days can deliver bad results and vice versa.   As always, astrology is not an exact science.  With that caveat in mind, here are a few dates that stand out this month.   New things begun on auspicious dates will tend to work out according to plan, while projects started on inauspicious dates may have disappointing results.

Auspicious Dates:  July 15, 16, 18

Inauspicious Dates:  July 12, 20, 21

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