For the Astronomy lovers out there

Aug 3, 2013, 3:24 AM |

These are some photos of me and my new observatory and some of my first astrophotos, enjoy :-)

Here are some nice photos of the moon the first one being taken on Haloween

this next one is taken from my normal dslr piggyback mounted onto the telecope tube, it is the constellation orion the hunter(with the orion nebula), and taurus and the planet jupiter above to the right

and here are some close ups of the orion nebula

and last but not least this photo again is just the dslr on its own but I liked this one because of the colours of the stars are quite remarkable, it has the north star polaris near the center of photo and the rest of its constellation the little bear(ursur minor) heading towards the left of the photo from polaris, hope you enjoyed :-)