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OK, I paid... ;)

Mar 31, 2008, 11:46 AM 1

Sometimes you just need to pay for something and hope it all works out.  I have been re-engaging in my past affair with Chess.  I have bought a new board a clock and even a subscription to chess.com.  Why the subscription?  Because in my day job I am an IT guy and I know what a whipping it is to do something for nothing.  Whoever is responsible for this site has done a great job and i hope to reward them with my subscription.  If you do a job, or are independently wealthy, consider throwing the developer a bone and pay up.  It's cheaper than ICC, the play is pretty good and it promises to get even better.

 So thats my 2 cents...  challenge me if your not over 1400 and I'll try and keep up.  i hope to get my playing goggles back on and get with the program, until then beef up your stats with some easy fodder here.


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