Have you ever...?

Feb 1, 2008, 3:44 PM |

Sup' everybody!  Rae here telling about the "career" that I've had in chess so far.

Who here has played in tournaments and games, lost, and have practically beaten yourself to a pulp because you know you didn't do your best?


Well, folks.  That's what's happened to me ever since I started playing.  In my first tournament (it was a blitz tornament), the last kid I played, I know I could've beaten.  I rushed, made dumb moves, and felt really stupid when I saw all the kids in my age group get their medels.  If I had won that last game, I would've gotten second!  

Another time, I went to chess club.  The third person I had to play against that looked like he was no more than six years old.  His rating was really low and I thought I could easily beat him.  I thought, "Oh, good.  I'm tired and I'll be able to beat someone without having to think much."  Boy, was that a mistake.  The kid beat me in, like, less than 20 moves.  I was furious with myself!

This situation has also happen on this website several times.  With a time limit of 3 days for each move, you'd think I'd be able to win most of my games.  Nope.  Not me!  I have rushed and thought in haste numerous times and have spent the rest of the week killing (not really) myself for it.

So, from these experiences I have concluded (I'm sooo proud of myself for using common sense) that it is impossible to win and spend no time to think, always asume your opponent, no matter what their rating, is a challenge, and if you do mess up, have a good cry or temper tantrum and then get back on your feet and study your faults.  Now who's gonna learn from this with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


P.S. PLEASE post!  I love to read about what people have to say!