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I did it!

Mar 2, 2008, 12:57 PM 3
"Sup everybody!  I just had a personal victory that I wanted to share with everyone on chess.com.  I've kind of mentioned that every Saturday, I go to this chess club in town.  I haven't gone in, like a month because I wanted to take a break so when I finally went again yesterday, I was pretty nervous.  I desperately hoped I wouldn't crash and burn because of the long break I took.  It turned out that there were enough people there that we were able to have four quads: one for people who were rated around 1000, a second one for people rated around 1300, and a third for older people who had official ratings of 1600 or higher.  My rating was 894, so I got put in the lower quad with three other boys that were pretty good.  In these quads, we play three rounds with 40 min. time limit and 5 second delay to notate.  I did a LOT better than I thought that I was gonna.  I won my first two games and drew my third.  Did I mention that first place of each quad got $25.  You paid ten to be put in the tourament, if you won all three rounds, you got $30, and if you got first in your quad but didn't actually win all three games, you got $25.  I was extremely excited because since the first time I had gone to this chess club in early December, I had never gotten first place in my group.  Yesterday, I finally got first and an extra twenty-five bucks in my pocket.

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