The Trip Begins (Part 1).


Whats up everybody!  I'm Rae and this is how the trip to my love for chess began.

    My dad taught me how to move the pieces when I was about eight years old.  He was not a very good player, but good enough to teach me the first baby step on how to play the game.  He didn't even know all the rules for castling!  Anyway, we moved to Canada for a little while and my parents were able to pay for me to go to a private school for an affordable price.  Two of my teachers there, one knowing how to play decently and the other knowing how to play exceptionally, went to a spelling bee in Toronto where students from our school were participating in.  While there, the skilled teacher saw chess equiptment, bought some, and started a free chess club at the school.  I decided to try it out.  At the time, I was trying to find something that I was good at that set me apart from the rest of my friends.

                                            To be continued...