Chess, chess and now chess

Apr 12, 2013, 3:50 AM |

The first time I saw a chess set, it was an old one of my (dead) grandad. I was quite young. Me and my brother wanted to play, so our mother decided to buy us a new one, which had a booklet. And that's how I learned the rules. But no details, nothing but the moves of the pieces.

Years later, and after always loving chess, its world, the films, the books, the gossip, I got my hands on chessmaster. Then I started realizing how it's done. But still no real effort on my part, plus no games with other humans. Just the pc. Always a mystery, the chess game.

Now I join this site hoping to get better, and have fun. I don't have ambitions, I just want to really know what on earth is happening on the board. And maybe win sometimes.