Mistakes as Black

Aug 16, 2017, 2:18 PM |

Re8, Qe7, Qe5, Qd4, Qxd2


1) Find the pocket in the position, The hole in develpment


2)  I'm 3pts up so the dumb thing here is to overthink it and play a5 allowing his Knight to fork me. Instead go simple and trade rooks.


3) Give a side pawn to take a center pawn. Trade bad piece


4) Don't blow a lead. Apply pressure & triangulate.
Re-position Queen to allow a Bishop move to apply pressure. 
5) After a small mistake 


6) After Queen moves, my double threat on e4 is no more and so b4 push is now something to worry about. 

b6, Rxd2, Rd8, Kf8, Rd5, h5, e6, Ke7

8) How to win when you're 2 pawns up. Just shore up, trade a Rook, active other rook. Then start taking space.

Nh5, Qa5, Rdb8, e4, Bf8, Qa3, Qxa2, Rc8, Rab8, Qa1

9) Can't take Bishop because of the pin, so all focus on King attack.

c5, Bh6, Qxe5, Rxd3, Rxd1, e6, Rd8, Rd2, Nd5

10) Activate Bishop before taking free piece. Then take everything by force before trading.

Qg4, Rac8, Rxc5, f4, Kh8, Qxf4, Qg4, Rf5, Qd1

11) Reposition for access to back rank. Then reposition Rook for the same reason.  Take, then push pawn since Rook is behind it. Always threaten mate. Prepare a mate for if he unprotects back rank.

h4, hxg3, Be5, Rad8, Bxg3, Rd5

12) A Bishop on g3 creates mating threats. Claiming the d file is good for 2 reasons. Blocks Queen checks. 

c6, Nc5, Nxb3, Bd7, g4

13) Stop the threat and stop blocking Bishop by trading off. 

Re8, f5, Rxe4

14) Apply pressure! to get a 4pt advantage

Qe7, Bxh3, d4, Nxe7, 0-0, Nf5, Rac8, dxc3, Rfe8, Red8

15) Ruin his pawn structure while you can.  Then active your pieces. Don't worry about pawn grabbing. You'll get them later if you active.

Qf6, Qxf4

16) Looks like I'm gonna lose a piece. Nb8 defends but it can be taken. How can I prevent this?


Rc8, a6, g5, Re8, Ne4, dxe4, Ra8, Nf6, Bc8, Rxc8

17) Unusual White opening. What to do when he's overloaded on one of my pieces? Well if one of his overloads is in front of his Queen...nullify it!  Go a6 after to prevent Knight , take up space with pawn and Knight.

e6, Rxa2, Rb2, Bg5, Kg7, Bf4, f5, Kf6, Bxc7, Bb6

19) Equal material. How to fight!  Can't allow him to take with Rook. So scare off Bishop, and trade a pawn. 

Qc6, Rfc8, Bxc2, Qb6

20) When you double up in these situations. You'll either get a piece, or the pawn behind it.  They can't move out of the way and double protect the pawn in time.  

Qd8, Bh6, Qg5, Bxg4, Qxe3

21) See how the e3 pawn is weak? Maybe we can double up happy.png  He can protect twice, but then I can trade off one of those. 


Qb4, Qxf4 exf4, 

22) Optimize position in a take

Bxc3, Rfc8, b6, Qc5, Be6

23) Chance to create 3 pawn islands? How much better can Bishop-Knight take do this late in the game?

Qa5, Bxc3, Nxe2, Qxc3

24) Apply pressure on his uncoordinated pieces

Be6, h6, Nc6, Bg4, e5, Nd4, exd4, Re8

25) Threaten, push back, develop, threaten, the pour on more pressure 

Be6, h6, Nc6, Bg4, Bxf3, Ne5

26) Threaten, push back, develop, threaten

Ng4, bh6

27) Take advantage of Queen-King pin
29) Unrealistically Hard:  He's got too many pieces too close and can't protect them all. When to not take back, and develop instead.
31) A simple plan to threat, recoil and then naturally develop Queen-side while triple up on a piece.
32) Keep it simple. Can I threaten 2 pieces at once?  And then push pawns while he's moving the same piece to get out of their way, wasting tempo.
33) I see a pocket on e3 for my Knight, but how to get the Queen away?
34) Be careful if you take because with a single pawn push he'll both add 2 attackers on 2 different pieces.