White Mistakes: Rapid Games

Aug 16, 2017, 1:35 PM |
Protect against mate then own the file
One chance to trade a c pawn for d w/o replacement. And push/take space while threatening.  Then develop naturally.  When torn between 2 pawns to push. 75% of the time it's the left or minor piece threat. Rarely let a Knight take my Bishop. Develop Bishop in a protected space. Point here is that when he doesn't push a central pawn. I can push mine several times. 
Variation of one above.  
When black under develops you have to jump on it or lose the advantage.  Don't just develop the normal way if it doesn't help your immediate piece placement. i.e. Why put Bishop on e2 or e3? There is a more helpful support place that can't be threatened. 
Take when possible to avoid discover attacks on d-e by Bishop/Queen. Keep an eye on c6 for pins and double attacks. When in doubt, develop naturally. Save Bishop.
Once again, the power of a pawn push that threatens.  Push then to solidify and free up dark bishop. Once again, save bishops at almost all costs/trades.
When you see an early Qc7, Trap the Queen at the expense of a minor piece 
Again, save Bishop at all costs and w/threat. Then although many Queen options exist, only one threatens and protects from ruining pawn structure. 
Although you can win a pawn with a Bishop take here, using pawns to take space better leverages my strong center.  Although taking h7 looks appealing, he can take Knight and ruin my pawn structure then come down with other Knight and threat/check. 
Double attack pawn. Queen belongs outside pawn chain to create threats.  Knight outpost Move pieces to protect each other. 
 Punish an early Knight with pawn.  Leverage c pawns

When you see an early blocked in Bishop on f5, threaten it so it moves and then threaten b7. Then threaten Bishop further, and always, trade a C pawn for a d-e pawn!  Nf3 looks bad but it's near the best.
Take up space on Queen side. Then drop back with Knight and threaten Bishop, then take up more space and connect Rooks.

When there is no clear move after castle, h3. 
 My Bishop is worth more than the Knight.


Once again, pawn push is the answer. Then trade and centralize King


Scare small pieces first



DUTCH DEFENSE REQUIRES QUICK CENTER STRATEGY: He's threatening Ne4 which is hard to remove. Moving rook just wastes a tempi. c takes is often just the best move.  I have a Queen/Bishop King side battery which prevents his F pawn from taking w/o drawbacks. Don't be afraid of cxd5!!!!

Ahead 2.3 its. Only 1 move keeps that lead.