White: First 12 moves

Sep 30, 2017, 2:13 PM |

Actual game to study later


Example of why ruining King pawn structure is not always bad if you're a pawn up and if he hasn't castled.  At the end of this Black has no good moves but to exchange Queens and I'm up +1.7


Another example from same game. Why am I afraid of ruining my King pawns in this situation. I'm up 1.8 here too.


Don't be afraid of queen sacs to win a pawn in the opening. Now i should have taken 5.cxd5 instead of developing Knight, but then he pushed e5 which was an inaccuracy. e6 was better.


Ok, I gotta be able to see this type of mistake by black.  But why is it not obvious????



Early c5 push

If he pushes an early c5...then c5 might be my best move early. 


How to decide if Be2 or Bd3 is best come from looking at what his e5 push does. In this case it creates 2 threats on d4, forcing me to push. After, he can then Nb4 and threaten bishop causing me to move again. Thus Be2 is best!



When he pushes c5 at the beginning, Don't TAKE!