Two New Games and an Old One

Nov 22, 2007, 10:29 AM |







I was digging through my old pgns and found one that might be of interest.  It was during a school tournament about 13 months ago.  The kid basically let me slaughter all of his pieces, and I could've slaughtered more, but I wanted to get it over with, so I found a mate, and performed it.  For obvious reasons, any game that is won through stupid moves and free pieces will now be known as a Frank.















In this game, we'll take another look at idiocy, just not COMPLETE idiocy.  In this game, he had me, but he played a really stupid move and allowed me to queen just before him, leading to a lucky 60-move win.  Had he followed a line I discovered later, he could've had mate in six.


















 Our last game of Chess Theater is another show of endgame idiocy that did not happen to me.  Rather, it happened to my friend thom_k_smith.  He blundered circa. move 40 when he was down, but was quite close to forcing threefold repetition to draw, but didn't see the possibility.  It finally came down to his king vs. white's king, pawn, and rook.  Watch the obviously hilarious idiocy unfold in this 82-move draw.