Nov 17, 2007, 6:37 PM |

What's up, I'm rslnerd, and this is my blog. (Duh)  Uh, I'm 14, from Utah, and I'm also a total and complete nerd.  Needless to say, I'm not one of those idiots who thinks that 1. h4 is a good move, but I'm also not a grandmaster.  I hope that if I post my games online, people can help me out by telling me what they think.  So, here goes nothing, with three games I played today, two wins and a draw:







A win for black, me.








 We both made mistakes.  I personally thought that I was in a losing position, but I offered a draw, and he seemed happy.  I was happy he accepted. :)








 This was a pretty fun game.  I knew I was superior to him, but I lost the first game we played due to sheer stupidity.  He checkmated me on like, the twelfth move, so I challenged him to a rematch, and watched out for the normally smart moves I played that he was able to take advantage of in the first game.  For example, he sacrificed his bishop for my f-pawn, and my right to castle.  I thought that was stupid of him, but I was so focused on my attack that I didnt see the Queen checkmate on, well, I don't remember the square, but that's moot, right?  I made sure he didnt screw up my ability to castle this time by putting my Queen on e2 on the second move, something I normally wouldn't do.  I won, though, and I was pretty happy.  Actually, he didn't resign, as it may seem, but he ran away like a little girl a few moves after he let me take his queen.  Wuss...