Oct 6, 2011, 11:46 PM |

Blitzkreig (German for "lightning war") was a ingenious tactical resource used by the Germans in the early stages of World War 2. It was the strength of German military; with it Germany managed to control a huge portion of Europe, with the exception of England and parts of Spain.

Warfare in World War 1 were mainly a war of attrition; soldiers dug trenches and defended with machine guns - a period of time where defence was much more powerful than offense (soldiers running...towards machine guns!). Blitzkreig revolutionized warfare due to the advent of aerial technology and tanks, which were pretty much impervious to machine guns.

Imagine yourself, a soldier of the allies, sitting in your dirty, muddy trench, which stretched miles across north and south, waiting...waiting with your boots underwater as mice scurried around...waiting as the humid air filled with the scent of blood and rot invaded your senses...waiting...AND THEN YOU WERE BLITZKREIG-ed!

Aircrafts bombed your surroundings; shots embedded themselves in the mud as water and dirt sprayed everywhere. Tanks rolled over the barbed wire you have painstakingly set up with bare hands, rolled over the human comrades you've known for months, and behind them came infantry, picking off the weak and wounded, and then...

It's past you already...they have broken your line and simply moved past you into the territory you thought was well guarded, taking no heed to the rest of a was as if human penetrated the wall with bullets at one single point, entered the whole, and rendered the whole wall useless. You stare down at your bloodied uniform, and you realize that it is not your peer's is yours. And in those few precious seconds, you realize nothing at all...

Blitzkreig is what I would use to describe a short game, ending furiously fast. Your fortress was impenetrable; all of sudden, the whole fortress was useless because one point was penetrated. In the following blitz game (1|0 time control), that was what happened opponent. He failed to see my sacrificial idea which ended the game quickly...the cool thing? It took me 32 seconds to play this miniature (not including the 28 seconds he tooked to move...though mostly he used the time for his last move). Enjoy the very own blitzkreig!

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