Emotion Augmentation

Emotion Augmentation

Dec 11, 2011, 3:12 PM |

I'm sure we all know what this is...for those who don't, it's when one's physical limitations are "surpassed" through emotional thoughts. Which is probably most commonly known in movies...pretty much all superhero movies deal with the emotional side and how it is conquered (or used) in order that the hero can defeat his exterior foe.

The picture above is one of a manga I really liked, Psyren. The reason I really liked it is that the characters were very unique as well as their powers. The whole storyline was excellent and I wasn't sure why it was dropped from Weekly Shounen Jump...as a result, the ending is premature and abrupt.

The character is Ageha Yoshina, and the scene shows him activating his long-sought after power due to Psyren (a parallel universe shown to be the earth in the future), where the air unlocks the body's potential. This power was called Melschee's Door, a huge sphere of blackened mass which is similar to a black hole, capable of completely obliterating Psy energy as well as matter itself. Anyhow, I won't give it all away but here are some other scenes of him activating his power and changing it to the next level...




What does this have to do with today's chess game? Well, people reach new frontiers differently. For Ageha, it was emotional rage and anger which helped him to attain the next level to win...it wasn't a particularly heroic reason, but it was certainly understandable. For me, it is pressure, whether a due date or a final score, I always thrive under pressure. For you...who knows? You just have to find the best way of working for yourself, and put yourself in that setting when competing.

The following game is a Live 1|0 game. It was rather one-sided even though my opponent was rated higher than myself. To say the least, one of my more intriguing games...the final combination was pictureque, in my opinion. More interesting was the fact my queen, bishop, and knight defeated nearly his whole camp under time pressure!

Enjoy, and comments are always appreciated.