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Soldiers on Paper

Soldiers on Paper

Jun 9, 2011, 5:45 PM 0

It's not easy to improve in chess without any help. I, for one, learn mainly from experience I've gained playing others, and re-applying ideas and themes that work when I play the next time. Knowing what is not enough; one must know when and how to apply the ideas and themes, and take the consequences into consideration, especially when playing over the board. Otherwise, one is merely "talking about soldiers on paper". One may be knowledgable about how to use soldiers in situations, but may utterly fail when confronted by reality.

This blog is my way of contributing; my attempt to help others understand and possibly improve their game. I will present a game I myself played, and comment on my own thoughts as I played the moves, what problems I faced, my solutions, and how I slowly but surely reach a new plateau everytime.

I hope you truly enjoy the following game. Comments highly appreciated.


Thank you,


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