My game against IM ACEChess: Unsound Sacrifices

May 31, 2013, 5:01 PM |
Time control is 15|30.
Some weaknesses:
- I've had problems in the past with seeing back rank mates. So, I need to work on this. (Tactics, tactics, tactics, so they say)
-Developing all of my bishops so that it coordinates with pawn play
- A bit dogmatic about some principles I've learned (but at my level, that may be a good thing rather than bad: i'll have to analyze more games to assess this)
-Sacrificing pieces
-Starting attacks too early (will appear as a theme in another game of mine I might analyze)
Some strengths:
-I think I was ok out of this opening.
-Slowing down to think. My thinking didn't always work out, but I spent time where I should have.
-analyze more of my games
- go over some master games in the Nimzo-Indian (maybe Kramnik? find out who the popular Nimzo-Indian players are). specifically, see how they get their bishops out.
-look for back rank tactics puzzles (though, it's probably harder to miss if I know the motif): read fischer teaches chess.