Castle chess congress and season thoughts?

Mar 24, 2011, 7:02 AM |

Hi all,

Just played in the 1st Castle Chess Jersey Congress. 23 players from Jersey, Guernsey and UK competed. I was surprised at the strength of this competition, with many players well over 1800elo. But I suppose those that had bothered to travel to the Island must be serious about their chess...

Scored 2.5/6 over the weekend, with the half point coming from 'Bye' in round 4 which I took as I didn't think I'd have the stamina for 3 hard games in one day?

Two wins over 1555 and 1807 players inspired me, but I have to say that 'Blunderman', whom has largely stayed away for my club season, was watching over my shoulder. Together with 'Timetrouble man' they combined to assist me in throwing away perfectly playable positions against higher rated opponents!!

My first round match was versus a 12 yr old from the English Junior squad. Rated at 1450elo, I hoped for a win with the white pieces. Playing a Stonewall attack  gained a pawn advantage and a good position, however spent too long look for ways to win and after leaving myself little time to convert a win made 2 dubious moves costing me the game.....

I'm aware that evening that my game may have been the talking point of the first round, but after the weekend I dont feel so bad as this young chap managed two more wins and a further draw, all against higher rated players than me Laughing

On a positive noted my rating is likely to have increased to over 1600elo by the next adjustment at the end of our season. Currently lying 4th in our local 2nd division (and yes there are 13 players, not 4!) I cant complain as I've up to now I've taken one or two wins that I wouldn't have expected.

Anyway, two more games left this season and then the inter-insular versus our friends from Guernsey. Lets hope I can finish 3/3, and call this a 'positive' season in the chess life of ruffsteve!!
Thats all until next time. (checkout our website its great!)
Now for something better.....sorry Toby!