Channel Island Inter Insular report

Channel Island Inter Insular report

May 24, 2011, 8:05 AM |

Hi all,

Below is the report for a friendly island versus island annual encounter!

I am from Jersey....we won 9-7!

Team Channel Island group members Sdhruk, ArsenalJosh, BigcanofChess and LagerGambit all represented the Island of JERSEY!

74th Chess Inter Insular 2011 report

The 74th Chess Inter Insular was played on Saturday 14th May 2011 at the Grange Lodge Hotel, Guernsey.

The Inter Insular is the match that all Channel Island players look forward to throughout the season. The main match was played over 16 games with 4 reserves also playing for a separate trophy. This year Jersey were forced to cope with three notable absences, namely Division 1 players Alan Rosenbeiger, Krzysztof Belzo and Division 2 challenger William Philpot. However on the plus side it was nice to welcome back former Chess Club President Chris Tandy on to board 4.

The board 1 match was to decide the Channel Island Championship and the winner of the Garde Trophy. Jersey Champion and Fide Master Jon Hawes, battled it out with Guernsey Champion Fred Hamperl. An agreed draw was the final result, meaning that the 2011 Garde trophy was shared.

Meanwhile, Jersey were performing well on boards 5 through to 12  and as games started to come to their conclusion and the results came in it was quite clear that this years match was close and would only be decided at the end of play, possibly by the results of just one or two games.

With only two games left to finish the match score was balanced at 7.5-6.5 in favour of Jersey. The last two games were being fought out by Jersey players Graham Mooney and Graham Boxall. Mooney’s game was all but over as his opponent John Cummins played on for the team result, albeit from a lost position and in severe time trouble. Boxall’s game with Greg Forbes was finished first and agreed a draw, meaning that the Guernsey team could only hope for a miracle and a tied match at best. However once that result was confirmed, Cummins then lost on time meaning a final match score at 9-7 with Jersey winning the Hollis Cup.

For the first time in a number of years the Channel Island Junior Championship was also contested. With only 2 boards represented by Jersey’s Josh Rondel and James Le Breton. A win for James Le Breton set the early pace but the match was levelled by the Guernsey Junior Sam Smith who eventually over powered Josh to win the title of Channel Island Junior Champion. 

Both Junior game results also counted towards the Reserve team Withers Trophy which was shared by the Islands with a 2-2 final score.

The day ended with the usual dinner and presentation. Of note this year was a special award presented to Philip Le Feuvre who was acknowledged for representing Jersey in his 50th Inter Insular appearance. Philip is also on an unbeaten run since 2005!

Cheers ruffsteve!