Jun 13, 2012, 11:39 AM |

Be careful with the resign button. In the tournament I play two games against each opponent. I was in a rush when I signed on and I had planned on resigning one game and ended up signing into the other game I was playing and resigned the wrong won. To be fair I was losing that game also.

So, anyway I currently have 2 points. I haven't finished a game yet. The 2 points come from a player that resigned against me. I am getting close to finishing a couple of games though. I am still excited, but I don't think I will be moving on to the next round. Of course, I didn't expect to move on. I am playing for the experience not with any hopes of winning my bracket. 

As I expressed on the forums, my fears are coming true. On the first page of the standings list there are 15 people who have not lost a game yet.  They are 7-0; 8-0; 9-0 and one person who is 10-0.

I don't know if they have it or not, but I would like to see a tournament where the players have to have finished at least 25 rated games. That way there would be a more realistic range of the players starting ratings.

As it is now, it is possible to be playing against a very highly rated OTB player, possilbe even a GM, if they have just joined, because everyone starts out with a 1200 rating. Or at least that is my understanding.

Just saying...