"First" and other garbage

Jul 26, 2011, 8:15 AM |


I was hoping I could contact chess.com directly about this, but I figured I would just make a post. Hopefully someone from the site's administration will see this. First of all I would like to commend chess.com for their constant work on improving the site. The new format in Live Chess is great and I look forward to progress there and elsewhere on the site. Perhaps, I might make a suggestion:


Come up with a way to reduce the comments (specifically on daily puzzles) so that a person doesn't have to trapse through meaningless comments, i.e. "first" to find a comment that addresses a concept or other interest shared by a larger portion of the community.

Feedback on puzzles/articles/etc. is important, but perhaps there could be button to select "like" or "dislike" and let it keep a poll on the desired page. This would reduce comment traffic, and still hold the benefit of feedback.

Also the comments along the lines of "first" on puzzle pages I fail to understand. If anyone is aware of a deep profound meaning behind these please let me know my mistake. If not, I think it would be great of chess.com to rid the site of such nonsese.  Ideas to hopefully get the ball moving; why not require a certain number of characters, so that junk like "me likey" and "Look who's first" can not be entered. What about using the software that deletes comments that are rude and/or disrespectful (swears and the like) to delete comments such as the aforementioned?


I would be surprised if I was the minority on this subject. If only my blog post had a approval poll...